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Voice and Accent Coaching


        Joanna Millicer Hempel
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Media and Professional people come to improve voice, presentation skills and confidence.


Voice coaching can help a person gain mastery over nervous delivery; deliver a monologue that will move an audience; present a conference paper.

Many things affect the ability to speak well in front of others: incorrect breathing, lack of projection, indistinct speech, poor pronunciation, poor posture, tightness in movement and in the jaw. All these can all be corrected.

People come to Joanna Millicer Hempel's studio with very individual speech patterns and very specific goals. The time taken for long-term changes in voice and speech patterns varies from student to student.

Joanna prescribes specific exercises in weekly, sometimes twice weekly sessions. These build as the student's abilitiy to concentrate increases, and as the muscle tone, flexibility and range of voice tone is developed.

Some Yoga breathing to support the voice, movement to relax the person, are taught to assist changes in posture and to relieve tension in the body. Voice projection and clarity exercises are chosen to suit each person's needs.

Presentation Coaching: Joanna works with people wanting to improve presentation skills on a given speech or seminar paper before it is presented to an audience. Joanna helps with editing the text as well as with vocal and physical expression. Several private sessions enable the person to express vocal detail with assurance, together with visual effects such as gestures, placement of material, or props.

Students of English language and accent correction receive private lessons to gain fluency and expand their employment prospects .


'After 8 months of voice and accent coaching with Joanna I have scored a Media job in London. She helped me with my confidence and articulation; I have overcome my nervousness' - Singaporean student with MA in Media from Sydney University

'I went from the bottom to the top of my class with my seminar presentations, after only 5 hours of presentation coaching' - Architecture student UTS


'After 2 years with language tuition at the Attic Studio I became fluent in English and found employment in my profession'
- 30 yr old Psychologist and Dramatherapist

'In 2 years Joanna has taught me to converse in English; I am now learning to discuss'
72 year-old retired doctor from Poland

Joanna Millicer Hempel has shared her techniques as a drama and performance specialist for many years with students of drama and English, with teachers of drama and English in colleges, schools and at conferences inter-state & overseas. A graduate in Psychology and English from the University of Sydney, Joanna later trained in Theatre, gaining an M.Litt at the University of New England, Armidale. For many years she was Director of the Armidale School of Youth Drama, and her published plays for teenagers are now studied and performed in schools throughout Australia, Canada and the USA. With a Polish background, she combines multilingual skills with her coaching of Drama, English Language and accent coaching.