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Joanna Millicer Hempel's plays grew out of ideas raised in drama workshops with her students. Her blend of comedy and tragedy has become popular with audiences, who recognise the subtle way she exposes timeless issues of significance to students and parents alike.


Gabriella Rhymes with Fella: A girl's first day at an Australian high school. A subtle and amusing challenge to our notion about who and what is a migrant. 'A little classic' - recommended for middle and higher levels of English and Drama. First published by Heinemann, Workshop Series 3.
Cast: 10f, 4m running time: 40 mins
A political, thoroughly modern, allegory and a take on the well known fairytale, first published in Australia by Longman Cheshire, then by Dramatic Publishing, USA. Cinderina & the Corridors of Power is ' studded with absurd occurrences and delightful characters, with all the freshness of the Commedia and the structure of a panto, a clever piece from beginning to end.' -LOWDOWN
Cast: 10f, 7m, 1boy, 1girl, 5 children running time: 1hr, 40mins
The Iceberg Factory: a chilling comedy about bullying which goes unexamined, until Beatrice climbs a wall. 'A compelling drama' - recommended for peer support and to combat school conformity and bullying. First published by Longman Cheshire
Cast: 12f, 4m running time: 1h
Her boyfriend says it's No Big Deal to leave school and become a rock star, but Jackie has to make some choices of her own - about Year 11 and about her future. First published in Australia by Heinemann Workshop Series. 'A unique sense of style'
Cast: 9f, 6m
some doubling
running time: 1hr, 30 mins
Erica's mother is planning a divorce, and assures Erica that nothing needs to change - the same friends, same school. But when Erica begins to examine what is right for her everything begins to change. What's Right for Me is a tragi-comic drama about the way divorce can impact on teenagers. First published by Currency Press. 'Another gem'
Cast: 5f or 4f, 1m running time: 1hr
Not satisfied, wanting more, Man, then Wife, come to life and begin creating chaos that is familiar to us all, and which takes some gifts to cope. Gifts is a modern, very comic, miracle play in dance & verse. First published by Heinemann, Workshop Series 5.
Cast: 9f, 7m
some doubling
running time: 35mins