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Gabriella Rhymes with Fella: a girl's first day at an Australian high school. A subtle and amusing challenge to our notion about who and what is a migrant. 'A little classic' - recommended for middle and higher levels of English and Drama
Cast: 10f, 4m running time: 40 mins order through:
Attic Studio
A political, thoroughly modern, allegory and a take on the well known fairytale, Cinderina & the Corridors of Power is ' studded with absurd occurrences and delightful characters, with all the freshness of the Commedia and the structure of a panto, a clever piece from beginning to end.' -LOWDOWN
Cast: 10f, 7m, 1boy, 1girl, 5 children running time: 1hr, 40mins order through:
Dramatic Publishing USA
The Iceberg Factory: a chilling comedy about bullying which goes unexamined, until Beatrice climbs a wall. 'A compelling drama' - recommended for peer support and to combat school conformity and bullying.
Cast: 12f, 4m running time: 1h order through:
Attic Studio
Her boyfriend says it's No Big Deal to leave school and become a rock star, but Jackie has to make some choices of her own - about Year 11 and about her future.
Cast: 9f, 6m
some doubling
running time: 1hr, 30 mins order through:
Attic Studio
Erica's mother is planning a divorce, and assures Erica that nothing needs to change - the same friends, same school. But when Erica begins to examine what is right for her everything begins to change. What's Right for Me is a tragi-comic drama about the way divorce can impact on teenagers. 'Another gem'
Cast: 5f or 4f, 1m running time: 1hr order through:
Currency Press
Not satisfied, wanting more, Man, then Wife, come to life and begin creating chaos that is familiar to us all, and which takes Gifts to cope - a modern, very comic, miracle play in dance & verse.
Cast: 9f, 7m
some doubling
running time: 35mins order through:
Attic Studio