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'Working on my monologues with Joanna got me into the Victorian College of the Arts'
- 32 year old actor

'She is excellent'
HSC Drama student of Drama, Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

'Thank you - it was one of the most rewarding six months for me'
- 21 yr old English Honours student, UNSW

Actors and students of drama come to the Attic Studio to take performance skills to higher levels.


Individual coaching sessions allow people to polish their acting skills with Joanna Hempel in the privacy of her studio. For an audition, or a monologue as part of an exam, an actor's work will receive individual attention and refinement before the all-important performance or presentation. Coaching is carried out in weekly or twice weekly sessions.

Students of English language and accent correction receive private lessons to gain fluency and expand their employment prospects .


Monologues: People working on a monologue benefit from private coaching. Help is often given with editing a dramatic piece to fit the requirements of an exam or audition. Actors receive physical and vocal exercises, set each week. Students of Performance Drama for the HSC and Year 11, as well as actors and singers, have received successful private coaching in the Attic Studio.

Movement with the rod, Yoga Stretching and Breathing are explored, often to music, to give an actor's physical work greater flexibility and extension, richer variety, tone and fluency.

Truth in performance: Joanna uses a variety of exercises that foster truthful expression. Spontaneity, concentration, trust and improvisation skills are also taught. Incorporating relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques Joanna assists students to self-mastery by degrees, using the body, voice and imagination as instruments. As a published playwright, Joanna introduces students to elements of dramatic structure to create a sense of form and aesthetics in their work. Some students come for a short boost to their skills, others come for several months. Sometimes paired work can be arranged.

To enrich the imagination, Joanna teaches her students to access the memory and deeper awareness. Some ideas find their way into performed pieces or improvisations. Role play, the ability to hold a character, to understand what motivates and what limits a character, are explored in exercises of increasing depth and psychological complexity. This is especially valuable for working on a student's monologue in HSC Performance Drama at school or for anaudition piece.

‘Her ideas in gesture and communication are inspirational. Her love of Theatre inspires’
- Drama teacher, Star of the Sea, Manly

‘Her lead-up activities are exciting and constructive, the final product fabulous’
- English teacher, Sydney Grammar Junior School, St Ives


Joanna Hempel has shared her techniques as a drama and performance specialist for many years with students of drama and English, with teachers of drama and English in colleges, schools and at conferences inter-state & overseas. A graduate in Psychology and English from the University of Sydney, Joanna later trained in Theatre, gaining an M.Litt at the University of New England, Armidale. For many years she was Director of the Armidale School of Youth Drama, and her published plays for teenagers are now studied and performed in schools throughout Australia, Canada and the USA. With a Polish background, she combines multilingual skills with her coaching of Drama, English Language and accent coaching.